Kids learn cough syrup abuse online

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Though stores have started monitoring the sale of certain cold medications, cough suppressants are still pretty easy for teens to get their hands on. The medications contain an ingredient called DXM and some kids are using it today to get high. If that isn't scary enough, kids who aren't exactly sure how to use it are able to turn to the Internet, where they can access thousands of sites and online videos to give them a tutorial.

Though using cough syrup to get high might not seem as scary as a hardcore drug, many kids who abuse DXM end up in rehab or move on to harder drugs. The average age of first time DXM users is 12 to 13 years old, so as the saying goes, it's never too soon to talk to your kids about drug use.

How can you protect your teen? Experts say to keep an eye on your supply of cough syrup, or don't keep it in the house. Talk to your kids about drug abuse and how to make better choices. And as always, know what they're up to when they go online.

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