Latest nursing aid: knitted breasts

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It sounds like joke: What do you get when you combine bored knitters and breastfeeding difficulties? Knit tits!

Anyone who's ever been assisted by a lactation "expert" knows it's a very hands-on experience, involving a stranger (usually with tuna fish breath in my experience) getting up close and personal with your breasts. A knitting group in Lancashire, England has started creating knit breasts to be used with dolls to help demonstrate teach proper breastfeeding techniques to new and expectant mothers.

Kate Green, secretary of the knitting group made up of more than 30 members ranging in age from their 20s to 80s, said: "Our members have been really enjoying knitting the breasts. We are always on the look out for worthwhile things to knit. The breasts are something a bit different to the blankets and jumpers our knitters usually make."

I'm sure non-manhandled new mothers are very grateful.

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