Nine-year-old girls: $50 each

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Fifty bucks will get you a nine-year-old girl. Not as a babysitter, not as a playmate for your kids, not even for an hour of twisted sex, but for keeps. Fifty bucks is what you'll pay for a nine-year-old female slave in Haiti, if you're willing to bargain a bit. If you don't like bargaining, the girl will cost you $100.

That's what Benjamin Skinner discovered while researching his book, A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery. "When I come back to a nice loft in Brooklyn," he said, "and I have to think about writing this thing -- that drove me. I knew that I had to write as compelling a book as possible. This is a life-long commitment for me."

While difficult, Skinner forced himself never to pay for a human life, even if it meant not freeing someone. He broke that rule once, however, helping a mother get her daughter out of slavery. He still keeps in contact with the Haitian girl, who is now able to go to school.

NPR has an excerpt from Skinner's book on their website. Skinner did what he set out to do -- the excerpt is indeed compelling, even as it is sickening in where it is headed. Whatever might have been acceptable in the past, I'd like to think we're at the point of being civilized enough that we wouldn't think of another intelligent being as property. Unfortunately, not everyone is so civilized.

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