What to do with that leftover Easter candy?

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Did Aunt Myrtle give little Johnny way too much chocolate in his green-and-blue basket? Were you forced to hide that basket lest Johnny's head start rotating on its axis and lollop out the door in a blaze of over-amped glory? And then, once you hid it, were you wracked with guilt because you know where it is and you must eat it -- all the livelong day?

No? Well then, maybe you're just looking for things to do with all that leftover chocolate, because you can't bear another night of hyped up kids, high as kites on Easter Bunny ears. Here are a few things you can do with all that chopped up candy, to distribute as you see fit, to the whole family.

1) Chop up little pieces and make chocolate chip cookies Chocolate bunny ears are especially good for that one. My favorite-ever chocolate chip cookie recipe can be found here.
2) Melt chunks of ear and random egg shrapnel into a thick chocolate sauce for vanilla ice cream. I'm partial to Tofutti non dairy frozen dessert, add a few macadamia nuts and some sliced banana and omigod, heaven.
3) Stick those sickly sweet jelly beans into ice cube trays and freeze for a treat in juice or water -- or as a fun addition to your evening cocktail (you may need one after the Easter chaos)
4) Hide and use only as bribes. Those foil wrapped chocolate eggs keep forever -- I keep some in the bathroom for potty-training rewards.
5) Place in high-up candy jar. If I am snacking on sweets a little too much, I empty them into my large fish-shaped candy jar and put it on the living room shelf. Out of sight, out of mind -- and once I remember they're there, someone (my roving brother) will have eaten all of them.
6) Melt into brownie or cake mix for an extra bit of oomph. Here's my favorite brownie recipe and I actually might be a little scared to throw more chocolate in there, they're that good. But extra chocolate -- I don't think it could hurt.

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