Boy kidnapped as baby returned to parents as teenager

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A sixteen-year-old Russian boy, who was kidnapped as a toddler, is set to be returned to his birth mother. According to authorities, a DNA test has confirmed the child was the one kidnapped when he was just one and 1/2 years old from the mainly Russian town of Daugavpils with a 150,000 population.

The woman charged with the kidnapping was being investigated for a separate arrest when police discovered the boy had no birth certificate or other personal identification. The woman is denying the kidnapping, saying her husband, now deceased, brought the boy home, claiming he was from the Russian region of Dagestan.

Regardless, I would have asked a few questions of my husband. I would have wanted some sort of documentation or paperwork that would have legally allowed me to parent the child. But that's just me.

The birth mother of this boy must be...well, I don't know how she must feel. I simply can't imagine what it must be like to lose a child like that, to always wonder what happened, to feel as though you'll never see your son again. To me, it would be the most devastating thing imaginable. Did she ever give up hope of finding him? Did she move on? I doubt it. Now, in what is truly a miracle, her son is alive, and may be returned to her.

And what of the son? The woman kidnapped and possibly being sent to prison is the only mother he's really ever known. He has since been removed from school to undergo psychological help and has been placed in foster care. The Ministry for Children and Family Affairs has stated the custody court will take into account the teenager's wishes when determining where he will live until he turns eighteen.


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