Nameless newborns: celebrities have problems naming babies too

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I was talking to a woman at a party once, when the subject of unusual names came up. She said she went to school with a girl named BeBe, which was pretty exotic and European sounding for a little girl growing up in Wisconsin in the 1960's. It turned out that BeBe's name was more due to indecision than sophistication-her parents couldn't agree on a name and left "Baby Jones" on her birth certificate until they could get it sorted out. You can guess what happened from there: Baby Jones started referring to herself as "BeBe" and the name became permanent.

Hollywood personality Brooke Burke and her fiancé David Charvet have found themselves in a similar situation in trying to name their three-week-old son.

"We've been waiting our whole life for a son, and we haven't named him," Burke told PEOPLE magazine. "He did leave the hospital without the birth certificate. I know that's terrible!"

However, there is hope on the naming horizon for Baby Burke-Charvet. According to his mother, "We're really, really close [to a name]. We've agreed on the first and the last, and we're still fighting on the middle."

Brooke has daughters Neriah and Sierra, from a prior marriage another daughter with Charvet named Rain, so it's unlikely that the fighting over Baby Burke-Charvet's name has been between something simple like Michael Joseph vs. Mark Allan!

Do you have any nameless newborn stories?

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