High school sports: What's the risk of injury?

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Team sports are an excellent way for kids to get exercise, learn a new skill, and become a better team player. But sports are also inherently risky. Some parents may worry that their child will get hurt during play, and it can be hard to know how to judge the risk vs. the benefit of joining a team.

A recent study may help parents in their decision making. Researchers looked at data from 100 public schools across the nation and this is what they found:
  • High school students get hurt more often.
  • High school football players get hurt most often in play, followed by girls' soccer and boys' soccer.
  • The most frequent injuries are to the ankle, followed by the head and upper leg.
  • The most common injuries were sprains or strains, followed by bruises, fractures, and concussions.
  • Most injuries benched players for less than a week, but 10% of injuries put them out for the season or for good.
The highest rate of injury, high school football, was 12.09 injuries out of 1,000 games. So while kids do get hurt during school sports, the vast majority enjoy the activity unscathed. Experts are hoping that studies like this one will help schools minimize the risk that kids face out on the field.

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