Parents sue son's bully

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My heart is breaking for Billy Wolfe. The 16-year-old has been the target of school bullies since elementary school. The incidents aren't just small matters of stolen lunch money or painful name-calling. Billy's parents have video of him being punched, jumped on, and having his head slammed into a bus window.

Billy's parents claim the the school district isn't doing enough to protect their son, that the bullies don't have consequences for their behavior. So they've sued one of the bullies for assault and battery, and more lawsuits may follow. The family is also considering suing the school district.

Billy's parents have made the choice to keep him in this school, despite his troubles. They want him to learn to fight for what is right, but Billy often begs not to go to school. I don't blame him; he must be scared and tired. I'm not sure I'd make the same choice in their shoes. What do you think? Would you keep your child in a school where they were receiving this kind of treatment, or would you have moved on long ago?

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