Turn down that music!

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The racket blasting out of those iPod earbuds isn't just annoying innocent bystanders -- there's a serious risk of hearing loss when listening to tunes too loudly. A new study shows that teens know that they're risking damage to their ears with volume up high, but do it anyway and don't plan to change.

How, uh, stereotypical?

The research, performed with focus groups of teens in the Netherlands, confirmed that they knew the general hazards of loud music, but denied any personal risk. Parents are encouraged to educate their children about the long-term risks of pumping up the volume. As a general rule, researchers recommend a maximum of 60% volume when using earbud style headphones and 70% when using over-the-ear headphones.

I wonder what volume they recommend when you're listening to your iPod to tune out your children? Not that I know anyone who does that, mind you. Just asking, theoretically.

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