Oh, those pesky pants!

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Sometimes, you just have to shake your head in wonder and ask yourself where the time has gone. What happened to the innocent little boy I used to know who would stare in wonder at the three stars in a row on Orion's Belt and run down the hall, arms flapping, shrieking in joy as the tickle monster followed in hot pursuit. Gone are the days of waking up with Jared snuffling up as close to me as he can possibly get without actually penetrating my skin.

This morning, Rachel walked into our bedroom and informed me that "Your son is up and is missing his pants. He doesn't seem to know what happened to them either."

An image of my son passed out pantless in his bedroom filled my vision and I buried my head in my hands. "I had hoped," I told Rachel, "that that sort of thing wouldn't start until he went off to college." And to think he's not even six yet.

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