How tall will your child grow up to be?

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Doesn't everyone wonder this? It seems so improbable that babies start out so small, and then grow like weeds for 18 years--no o other mammal is really comparable in this regard. And the fact that my son will one day be taller than me someday entirely blows my mind.

I remember dancing with him when he was a newborn, with his soft milk-smelling cheek against mine and thinking about someday way in the future when we'd likely dance together again at his wedding, perhaps, and the thought would leave me speechless.

Over at they're boasting a height predictor that you enter in mom and dad's heights into and then get baby's future height. But it seems to be based on some law of averages, and while my height was predicted (based on my parent's heights) within a half an inch, my husband--who is four inches taller than his dad--was predicted to be several inches shorter than he actually is. Who knows if our son will grow to the 6' 1.5" he is predicted to reach.

Have you found a way to predict your child's height that actually seems reliable?

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