Cage fighting for kids: Appropriate or no?

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Looking for an extra-curricular activity for your little one? Why not try cage fighting? Of course, it may be illegal in 49 states, but if you live in Missouri then you're all set!

I'm just not sure what to make of it. When grown men engage in a cage fight, it's a violent match sometimes known as "human cockfighting." Yet some people are encouraging the sport for kids, calling it "mixed martial arts." They claim it's not any different than teaching a discipline like karate or wrestling. My question, then, is why not put them in karate or wrestling?

It does appear to be a safe and controlled environment where adults are standing by to educate, and one mom recently stepped up to defend her decision to allow her son to try the sport. What do you think? Is cage fighting an appropriate sport for kids or do you think it's headed for trouble?

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