Condoms for the fashion conscious

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Avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies can be so...unfashionable. What sexually active woman wants an ugly package of condoms cluttering up her designer handbag? Surely if a woman could buy condoms that coordinated with her outfit and looked 'designer', she would be more likely to carry and use them, right?

Maybe, maybe not. But the idea that fashion conscious women would enjoy buying condoms if they were pretty has resulted in Proper Attire condoms. Marketed as a "must have" fashion accessory, the condoms were created by Planned Parenthood and are available only at a few boutique-type retailers. The condoms themselves haven't gotten a makeover, but their packages are sleek and colorful and look a bit like designer wallpaper.

The condoms are available in four styles (basic, color, studded and extra large) and a 3-pack sells for $6. I haven't bought condoms in quite some time, but that sounds rather expensive to me. Perhaps that is the point? In a world where women happily spend thousands of dollars on designer handbags and shoes, a high-end condom that makes a fashion statement doesn't seem all that odd.

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