The eleven-year-old network admin

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It's not what you know, it's who you know. That bit of advice might be especially true these days, as the job market gets tighter and the economy continues its trek downward. That's why professional networking sites like LinkedIn are so popular. But who needs LinkedIn when your mom is the librarian at the school where you want to be the computer network administrator.

That's how eleven-year-old Jon Penn snagged his position as the network manager at Victory Baptist School in Alabama. The pre-teen took over when his mother had the networking duties added to her job description. He has since evaluated, sourced, and gotten approval for a hardware firewall, as well as contributing to the development of a web access policy.

It looks like Jon has a great career in computer networking ahead of him. I certainly wish him all the best... and wonder if he could come over to my place to get my network under control?

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