Pregnant women: Buckle up!

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Expectant moms want to keep their unborn babies safe, but when it comes to seat belts, sometimes there's confusion. Many moms are afraid that by putting that lap belt across their abdomen, they'll be putting their babies at further risk of injury in the case of an accident.

But a recent Michigan study confirmed what prenatal experts have been saying all along -- seat belts save lives, even those of unborn children. When seat belts were placed on crash test dummies during a simulated accident, the risk of death to the fetus dropped to 12%, from 80% without seat belts.

When a lap belt is placed properly across the hip bones, say experts, those bones will prevent the belt from putting excess pressure on the baby in an accident. Without the belt, moms run the risk of being forced into the steering column or dashboard. So buckle up everyone!

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