Scribble Couture: Fashion goes sentimental

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When children learn to draw, suddenly every blank piece of paper is a canvas, and every masterpiece is a work of art. It's hard to part with children's art, but it's impossible to save every piece, especially if your little artist is enthusiastic.

Mother's Day isn't too far around the corner. If you know a mom who adores her child's handiwork, then Scribble Couture may just be for her. At Scribble Couture, moms (or grandmas, aunts, and babysitters) can choose from one of four purse styles. Then, their favorite child-made artwork is uploaded and used to embellish the bag. The process is not an inexpensive one, and bags run from $119-$329.

It's kind of like those mugs we used to make in the 80s, you know...the ones where you drew a picture then slid it into the frame on the outside of the mug? Technology has changed the way we express ourselves, but the sentiment is still the same.


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