Health tips from your toddler

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Looking to lose a little weight or just put a halt to that climbing scale? Look no farther than your toddler, according to Diet-Blog. I love their list of 5 amazing things you can learn from your toddler, because I've thought for a long time that kids have it all figured out -- food and exercise wise.

For instance, kids nearly always stop eating when they are full. They are always in motion, and they never, ever look in the mirror and wish their thighs were thinner. Instead, they love the powerful feeling they get when they accomplish some new, amazing feat with their bodies.

Sure, it's tongue-in-cheek, but there have been plenty of times when I've acknowledged my five-year-old's need for speed and my three-year-old's never-ending love affair with bananas and wished that my habits were as healthy as theirs.


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