The maternity haircut

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I used to have long hair. Long, long, long, hair. The kind that you dream about having when you're a little girl--the kind that makes you look and feel like a princess or like you should always and only be seen riding atop a racing stallion on the beach. I loved my hair.

And I hated it. Frankly, I didn't look that great with long hair. It took a long time to wash and I never bothered to do anything more than pile it on top of my head in a makeshift bun with a pony tail holder. Depending on what time of year it was, it was various shades of color from the sun and the elements. And it cost just as much to get it trimmed or styled as it would with a shorter 'do but didn't ever really look any different.

I'd grown it out nearly to my elbows for my wedding, where I naturally wore it back in some sort of bun (this time sans the pony tail holder). After that I cut it. I kept it mid-length and styled in a way that was both easy to manage and that grew out well. 'cuz it was expensive.

Then I had a baby. Whereas I had little time to get into the city for a cut before now I had essentially none. When I finally made it back in to see my guy, I had him cut it short. Really short. It was the same hairdo, just a lot shorter than normal. This way it would eventually grow out to the cut I'd always had but give me plenty of time in between cuts without looking too shabby.

Turns out it was a good move--my shampoo lasts a lot longer and I've stopped needing to invest in buckets of detangler. Plus it looks clean and crisp and I feel presentable even when I can't be bothered to put on something dressier. Getting my hair cut short also is economic in the sense that although it costs a fortune to get it done it takes fewer trips in general because it takes so long to grow out.

And I'm not alone. Most of the new moms I know have opted for shorter 'dos. Perhaps that seems stereotypical--I remember when I was younger taking note of how all the moms seemed to have given up their princess hair dreams for something practical--and boring. They looked boring to me until I became one of them. And now I understand. Ultimately, short hair--or shorter hair--isn't boring, or doesn't have to be. Frankly, considering how much this 'do costs, it better be anything other than boring.

What about you--did you chop it all off when you became a mom? Or did you refuse to cave and give up your princess hair?

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