Six health habits not to teach your children

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Do as I say, not as I do...isn't that how the saying goes? When it comes to health and fitness, however, it's more like the family that eats right and exercises together stays healthy together. Role modeling is an important part of teaching kids lifelong healthy habits, which means getting out and being active together as a family.

Newsweek has five un-habits that are hurdles to children's good health. Eating in front of the TV instead of as a family, filling up on processed junk food rather than more nutritious whole foods, and eating pre-packaged meals can potentially set a kid up for weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle.

Instead, spend time as a family creating healthy meals that everyone likes (including lunches), put nutritious foods toward the front of the fridge (washed and cut, in the case of fruit and veggies) for after school snacking, and encourage kids (and grownups!) toward the goal of up to 60 minutes of vigorous play or activity per day.


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