Can a room be chic and kid-friendly?

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Can a room in your home be both chic and kid-friendly? According to Better Homes and Gardens, it can. I guess personal style can determine just how chic you think the ideas in the slide show provided are, but at least they're giving it a shot.

I am about to move into a new apartment. The last thing on my mind is making my new place chic. Even though I will own it and may paint the walls any which way I choose, I'm thinking more about childproofing than whether or not Italian leather will go over well in my livingroom.

The slides tend to focus on storage and keeping kid clutter organized. I think that is a truly noble concept, except that no one I know with kids has managed to keep all the kid stuff tidied up all (or any!) of the time. I did note in several slides a rounded coffee table, which meets some safety requirements by avoiding pointy corners while still looking pretty hip.

Perhaps there is room for a coffee table in my life after all.

So take a look at these slides and see if there are any new ideas in them for your own home.

Pic of coveted (by me) leather sofa by cloneofsnake.

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