Code Blankie - call for backup

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Don't get between a kid and his blanket. Not unless you want the cops raining down on your day care center. Okay, not really. But, police did respond to an emergency call at the Willows Child Learning Center when a parent and a teacher got into an argument over whether or not a child could bring their favorite "BaBa" to school.

The school provides blankets for the kids so as to avoid passing germs around. The parent and teacher got into it, however, because the parent's kindergartener wanted their own favorite blanket, "BaBa". The teacher hit the alarm and when police called to see if the emergency was real, told to cops that "Yeah, I need help right now."

By the time officers arrived on scene, however, the parent was gone and had been asked not to return. The police asked the day care staff to save the alarm for real emergencies. The president of the center, however, stood behind his employees. "I don't apologize for my staff member hitting the alarm to get the police there," he said. "Did they follow exact procedure? No. They were scared. They were intimidated."

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