Fergie cites Gwen as great mom

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Fergie is not pregnant. At least not right now. If she were, though, she says she'd hit up Gwen Stefani for advice.

The pop star dishes on pregnancy and Gwen in an upcoming issue of Glamour magazine. And don't act like you don't read Glamour--come on, you know you do. It's fun, doesn't take itself too seriously, and actually has a pretty good selection of articles. But I digress.

Fergie says Gwen has done a great job as a mom. She also comments that she wouldn't want to tour like some of her other fellow pop starlets J Lo, Christina Aguilera and of course Gwen Stefani (who seems bent on world domination whether or not she's pregnant).

The reason for this? Well, Fergie considers herself pretty active on stage. She's a physical gal and doesn't think she'd be able to hold herself back. Instead she'd take time off to read up on her theoretical impending bundle of joy.


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