Who needs men -- artificial sperm coming soon

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Personally, I'm not into guys. What with women in the world, I don't really understand why anyone would be, my wife included (perhaps even especially). That said, guys are still kinda necessary for reproduction. For now, anyway. German geneticists have succeeded in creating artificial sperm using embryonic stem cells.

The process is still very much in the experimental stage, however. Of the twelve baby mice born after eggs were fertilized with the artificial sperm, seven died in the first five months "of causes which we have not been able to determine," according to Dr Wolfgang Engel, director of Human Genetics at the University of Goettingen.

In theory, this research could lead to aid for couples where the male is infertile (or there is no male involved), although Engel said his team will not conduct any tests using human stem cells; German law forbids such research. Still, as the technology progresses and attitudes evolve, this may become a viable option for producing children when the traditional source of male chromosomes is unable or unavailable to contribute.

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