50 Cent sued by fourteen year old

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A fourteen year old boy is suing both rapper 50 Cent and the Universal record label for promoting the "gangsta" lifestyle. James Rosemond, the teenager in question, alleges friends of the rapper (and mogul) assaulted him.

James and his mother, Cynthia Reed, contend that Universal is partly to blame for promoting a lifestyle of violence and criminality. James alleges that four men, including a member of 50 Cent's G-Unit hip hop group and various and sundry others who are all related to 50 in one way or another (through business), assaulted him in Manhattan in 2007.

The suit claims Rosemond was targeted for wearing clothing from a rival rapper's company. Rapper The Game used to be in G-Unit but had a falling out and left to pursue his own fame, including starting Czar Entertainment. Rosemond was wearing a Czar Entertainment T-shirt.


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