Preschoolers do better when they talk to themselves

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You know that annoying, yet adorable phase when kids talk to themselves and verbalize EVERY SINGLE flickering thought that crosses their little minds? Well, it turns out this non-stop self chitty chat does more than just slowly drive a parent bonkers, it actually helps preschoolers perform tasks better.

Researchers found that 78 percent of the children in their study performed either the same or better on a performance task when speaking to themselves than when they were silent.

The study also assessed the private speech in children with autism and found that high-functioning autistic children talk to themselves often and in the same ways that non-autistic children do. Talking aloud also improved their performance on tasks.

So the next time your youngster starts yammering on about the merits of blue crayons over yellow ones because the sky is blue and birds fly in the sky and airplanes! and kites! and cats! No, not cats, but cats on kites is funny! I wonder if the cat on a kite could see the Easter Bunny? remind yourself that allowing them to ramble on might be even more valuable the golden currency of silence and all too soon they'll be teenagers who stop talking at home altogether.

Thanks, Nicole!

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