Ange FINALLY admits she's pregnant

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Well, Angelina Jolie has finally come out and admitted what we've known all along (or at least most of the time): She is pregnant. wait--you mean her swelling belly and that knowing, glowing smile didn't give it away? Hmm. Our friends at shared the news of the obvious.

At a recent conference in D.C. wherein she was discussing education policy for children in Iraq Ms. Jolie contended she felt kicking. Either that was a baby in there or a bad bout with a burrito. I'm going with the former.

The mother of four, soon-to-be-celebrity mom of five, didn't let that stop her from her mission, though. She hopped right back on the horse and plugged her new endeavor (you know, other than the baby), Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

So, folks, the rumors ARE true: Ange and Brad Pitt are officially expecting. Congratulations!

Pic of Ange by World Economic Forum.

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