Single moms looking for love

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There is a new reality show coming that is sure to appeal to many of the more than 10 million single mothers in the United States. Single Moms, debuting this June on TLC, takes a look at what it is like for a single woman raising kids to find love and companionship while balancing her most important responsibility - her kids.

To be fair, looking for love on a television show is nothing at all like what most single moms face when trying to date. Most don't have producers going over potential date's applications and (hopefully) performing background checks. And I am sure we can expect some editing for dramatic effect. But the premise of the show, a single mom trying to balance her responsibility for her children with her own needs, is something many of us can relate to.

"We found a show that we think reflects something that a lot of our audience is going through," Brant Pinvidic of TLC says. "There are a lot of single parents out there."

I don't know what would ultimately drive a single mom to expose herself and her children on a reality show like this, but experts don't recommend it. It might be entertaining for you and I, but the public airing of something so personal has got to take a toll on these moms and their children. "You can't control what is public when you are out there," says family therapy teacher Louise Silverman. "Not only are you vulnerable, but so are your kids."

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