Peach flavored placenta

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Eager for the great taste of placenta but not planning on giving birth any time soon? Well, have no fear, the Japanese have come through for you. Nihon Sofuken offers Placenta 1000, a peach-flavored, jelly drink that contains 10,000mg of placenta in each $8 serving. Yes, you read that right -- 10 grams of placenta in each serving.

So, you ask, where do they get all this placenta, especially since hospitals have been known to keep them for themselves? Well, humans aren't the only animals that have placentas; it turns out a whole lot of mammals do, including pigs. Yep, these drinks contain pig placenta. Pig placenta flavored with peaches. Yum.

Now, before you get too weirded out, bear in mind that placentophagy is extremely common among other animals and there are those who claim significant benefits for humans, including increased breast milk supply and reduced chance of postpartum depression. The Japanese, however, are apparently drinking it to enhance their beauty.

Personally, I think you're welcome to drink just about anything you like, but I'll stick to water and the occasional glass of merlot.

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