Prom safety tips

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Woah--is it prom season already? Again? Well, for those of you with children old enough to be fitted for tuxes or satin and tulle, I'm sure you're a little nervous about this whole prom thing.

After all, you went to prom. You know what goes on. It was like Gossip Girl, only without the gossip. Or perhaps you've blocked all that out and are now a little fuzzy when considering how to best protect your teenagers. Well, if you're in need of more advice than what the popular hemlines are this season, check out MSN Lifestyle's prom safety tips.

They include everything from providing an all-night chauffeur to hosting the post-prom party at your house, and everything else in between. Will these tips work? Will your teen appreciate them or abide by these decisions? Hard to say. My guess, is, and again--I don't have a teenager, just a one-year-old who I've determined based on my own experiences will not be going to prom EVER--if you and your kids talk about it and make decisions together you might all make it through the evening.

And, for the record, my favorite part of prom: getting all the prom dresses for like $5 after the season is over! No reason not to stock up!


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