Worried about losing kids in a crowd? Tattoo them!

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Losing a child is one of the most painful heart-stopping moments you will ever experience, even if it's just for a few minutes. My husband and I still have a hard time talking about the day our 4 year old took a couple steps away and was separated from us by the huge crowds at a college football game and that happened over a decade ago. (We found him quickly about 10 yards behind us telling the police officer giving free Breathalyzers that he was lost. WHEW.)

A mother, worried about losing her kids at an amusement park, invented Safety Tats, a temporary tattoos that can be personalized with a phone number for kids too young to know it themselves. The tattoos use FDA compliant medical-grade adhesives that are latex-free, holds up against encounters with water, and is available in a variety of styles including ones stating the child has a nut allergy, is nonverbal, or is autistic. There's even a special set for field trips so schools can be double sure their field trip participants can be quickly reunited from the group.

30 tattoos are available on the website for $20. Naturally it also discourages the ParentHack of simply writing a cell number in permanent marker on a child's stomach before heading out because that would be free.

Thanks, Nicole!

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