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Nancy O'Dell apparently has some advice to dispense. The veteran entertainment TV reporter sent a lengthy email to new Mom Halle Berry, filled with advice about new parenting.

O'Dell said: "I wish people had given me this advice They didn't, so I'm going to give it to you. (Halle) was appreciative, really appreciative."

I wonder if maybe she was just being polite, really polite. Though I'm interested in advice from my very good friends and loved one, unsolicited parenting advice from strangers is right up par with toe fungus and sucking leeches.

I read The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy during my second trimester and quite frankly, it made me a little mad. I didn't want to be told that my body would never be the same, no matter what I did. I didn't want to know that I would never have the same social life again. Those tidbits are too scary before the fact: much better dispensed by the gentle words of a trusted friend, in my view. And too: I don't know if it's good to know about the terrible parenting bits you can't control. My friend Jan told me while I was pregnant me that the pain of labour was "like being smashed by a bus ten times, run over and dipped in hell times twenty", and I spent the next sixty days stressing about that sentence.

I'm not sure whether O'Dell filled her email to Berry with words of wisdom about diaper blowouts and binkies, but I do hope she glossed over the really crotchety bits. I think those are better learned personally.

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