Share your birth story in six words or less

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"Touch me again and I'll bite."

If you had asked me -- in the middle of active labor -- to share my birth story, the above sentence would have summed it up nicely. But immediately afterward, with the product of that long, hard, messy, but life-changing process nuzzling quietly in my arms, well, it might have been slightly more sentimental:

"My heart is yours. But ow."

Doulicia recently asked her readers to share their birth stories in six words or less. The result is a stunning collection of experiences -- hilarious, emotional, and some, utterly heart-breaking. Here's a sampling:
  • Baby came out. I came alive.
  • "Are you comfortable? ARE YOU KIDDING??"
  • Disabled mom has gloriously normal birth.
  • Front seat, 60 MPH, early morning, WOW!
  • I can't. You can. She's here.
Take a moment to check it out, then come back and share your own six-word birth stories with us.

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