Divorce: One tactic to get your kid into the right school (if you're Spanish)

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Some Spanish parents are so desperate to get their kids into neighborhood schools, they are faking divorces to earn points on their children's applications.

Apparently, the way the Spanish application process works, children from single-parent homes get preference over those who come from homes with two parents.

Since that law has been passed, officials have seen a 50% rise in the divorce rate. Many couples are faking a marital separation, while others take advantage of Spain's "fast track" divorce laws which allow a couple to become legally separated in about three weeks. They then go back and reconcile after the school paperwork deadline has passed.

It seems like local courts would get a little suspicious, doesn't it?

Private investigators have also seen a rise in business, as parents accuse each other of faking information on applications. Parents are reporting a lack of freedom to choose among schools, which accounts for this...um...highly competitive (and extreme) behavior.


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