Flavored milk: A not-so-unhealthy drink

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Can't get your child to drink anything but flavored milk? According to this article from Newsweek, you don't have to feel guilty about it anymore. Research has found that milk drinkers -- even those who must have it with a dose of chocolate or strawberry flavoring -- have a better overall diet and intake of nutrients than those who turn to sodas or high-sugar drinks instead.

While it's true that adding flavoring to milk increases the sugar and calorie content, researchers could find no link between flavored milk and obesity. Milk is filling, unlike soda, and is high in protein.

My pediatrician suggested chocolate milk when my two-year-old refused milk. Because breast milk is so sweet, many toddlers have difficulty with the transition. If you are going to serve chocolate milk at home, try buying powder rather than the pre-mixed variety so that you can control exactly how much sugar goes into the cup.

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