New-mom body issues

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Clicking over to Baby Center's latest, a new-mom body survey, I had to pause after the first sentence:

"Gone are the days when the postpartum period meant throwing on a baggy sweatshirt and forgetting about your body for a while."

What? Really? Those days are gone? If that's the case, I'm glad my pregnancy days are over. There's nothing like sleepless nights, a cranky baby, cracked nipples, and oh pressure to lose weight, to make a new mom feel like she has a firm grip on reality.

Sheesh.Though my instincts were screaming at me to close my browser and go eat a chocolate-covered peanut (or 20), I kept reading. That's when I learned that the survey produced some results that were not only far more realistic than that initial sentence, they were pretty interesting:
  • 65% of new moms thought they'd be down to pre-pregnancy weight by their newborn's first birthday.
  • 87% were find their stomachs had not returned to normal.
  • 42% of moms gained more than recommended during pregnancy.
  • 90% of moms who were still overweight a year or two later blamed it on their pregnancies. (You mean that's not ok?)
  • Over 50% reported body image issues that didn't exist before having a baby.
  • Nearly 50% of moms reported hearing negative comments about their body...from their own parents. OUCH.
Read about new moms trying to take off the baby weight here. But for Pete's sake, unless you've had at least one three-hour stretch of sleep since your baby came home, bookmark it for another day and go slip on that baggy sweatshirt.

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