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Do you come here without thinking? Are you reading ParentDish and you don't know why?

A new study about blogs and their readers confirms that, like coffee, bedtime, and chewing one's nails -- blog reading is a habit.

A study based out of California says that blog readers check for new content on a blog similar to the way they check email - whether they are expecting something new at not. The actual content is secondary to the checking process, and if a post must be skipped, readers aren't too concerned.

Blog readers in the study said that blog reading was a form of "chilling" or "wasting time" (rather than a form of higher education, which is what I was anticipating. Harumph.)

I read primarily parenting blogs, and it does give me some kind of odd satisfaction to scroll through my bloglines, watching the black (fresh) posts turn to read (grey) posts as I skim through them. It's only a matter of time before we blog readers hit the mainstream.

Why do you read parenting blogs?
For advice and information13 (14.1%)
For a temporary escape29 (31.5%)
For the voyeur/trainwreck value13 (14.1%)
I like to know I'm not alone in my thoughts/actions25 (27.2%)
For news and studies5 (5.4%)
Other (see below!)7 (7.6%)

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