Hallmark promotes teen sex

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"Roses are red / Violets are blue / you've hit puberty / I'd like to shag you" Okay, no, not really. As far as I know Hallmark does not and would not produce a card with a rhyme like that. They have, however, put out a greeting card that, according to one mother, at least, apparently promotes teen sex.

The card, which features a picture of two wine glasses and asks "Care for some liquid clothes remover?", is, in my opinion, a bit tasteless and crude -- certainly not something I would ever give to someone. I'm not sure I see it specifically promotes teen sex. I can't imagine someone giving this card to someone -- teen or otherwise -- they weren't already intimate with without getting slapped for their trouble.

Still, Cyndi Desrosiers, a project coordinator with Allies in Substance Abuse Prevention, has talked to local stores and to Hallmark. A Hallmark spokesman said the card was not intended for teens, but "any number of situations," such as an anniversary or for an well-established couple, perhaps looking to reignite some passion.

Desrosiers, on the other hand, feels differently. She is going to stick to her guns. "I know this is minor in the big scheme of things, but it's one way for us to have an impact on the mixed messages that are out there and the irresponsible targeting to youth," she said. "I feel it's our responsibility as adults."

"I have an 18-year-old daughter," noted Desrosiers, "and I would just die if someone gave this to her." Personally, if it were my daughter that were given this card, I might be more inclined to think it would be the giver that would be doing the dieing dying, but I would also hope my daughter would have better taste than to be involved with someone who would give her this card.

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