Amy Fisher expecting baby number three

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Amy Fisher's life story reads like a bad novel. At the age of sixteen, she began an affair with Joey Buttafuco, a much older married man. He helped her get work as a paid escort, but what she really wanted was for her lover to leave his wife. He refused, so she shot his wife. Mary Jo Buttafuco survived, but was left paralyzed on one side of her face. Amy went to prison and served seven years for first degree assault.

She was released from prison in 1999, wrote a book about her life, and in 2003 married Louis Bellara. Together they had two children, Brett and Ava Rose. But getting married and becoming a mother did not end the drama for the Long Island Lolita. During a separation from her husband, a sex tape surfaced starring the couple. When it turned out it was her very own husband who had made the tape public, Amy again chose the low road. She reconciled with Bellara and made a handsome profit from the tape.

Obviously, the reconciliation with her husband went well. Yesterday, Fisher confirmed that they are expecting their third child in October. Children are a blessing and I am sincerely happy for them. I just hope they are saving some of those sex tape profits for therapy for those kids.


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