Four-year-old saves mom

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A Utah girl spent seven minutes on the phone with emergency services, calmly answering questions while paramedics rushed to her mother's aid. The four-year-old's mother fell down the stairs in their home and was knocked unconscious, so little Mikayla Erickson called for help. "We do get calls from kids (but) a lot of them are scared and are not sure what to say," said 911 dispatcher Emilee Burr. "Mikayla did an awesome job. ... She was probably better than some adults."

When asked how far her mother fell, Mikayla responded "She fell all the way down from the top." Mikayla's mom had been experiencing headaches, dizziness and fainting spells ever since she was involved in a snowboarding crash a few weeks ago. Tiffani Erickson was taken to the hospital and released a few hours later.

As for Mikayla, she is quite the hero. And her reward for her bravery and clear-thinking? Chocolate-covered strawberry flavored lip gloss. Now she'll be even sweeter.

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