Car towed with sleeping kid inside

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Parking in a fire lane when you aren't actually driving a fire truck is a risky move. Besides being in the way should a fire break out, you could get ticketed and/or towed. But as a mom in Dallas found out, parking your non-emergency vehicle in a fire lane and leaving your sleeping kid inside is even riskier.

Tow-truck driver Fidel Retana Jr. was just doing his job when he hooked up and towed away a vehicle parked in the fire lane of an apartment complex Monday. But when he stopped down the road to make sure he had the car secured properly, he discovered a sleeping seven-year-old boy in the backseat. He immediately went back to the apartment complex and hurriedly unhooked the car.

However, by this point, the sleeping child's mother, who had parked her car illegally while she ran up to her apartment, discovered her car and her son gone and called police. She and the authorities actually witnessed Retana returning their car and speeding away. The cops went after him and arrested him on child endangerment charges.

While I can understand how traumatic it must have been for that woman to come out and find her child missing (she threw up!), there was clearly nothing sinister about what Retana did. Tow-truck drivers get a pretty bad rap when it comes to their profession, but it was obviously just a mistake. Fortunately, the cops feel the same way and expect the charges to be dropped.

The best part of this story? The kid slept through the whole thing!

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