Jennifer Aniston ready to adopt?

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Today's celebrity rumor wins points for the details. Thanks to an 'an insider', we know not only that Jennifer Aniston is preparing a nursery for her soon-to-be-adopted child, we also know when the child will arrive (December) and his name (Alexander). Pretty impressive insider information, I'd say.

The source says that the adoption is being handled through a Los Angeles-based agency and that Jen has spent $300,000 preparing the perfect nursery in her Beverly Hills mansion. The nursery includes a nanny's suite, a playroom and two children's bedrooms. The extra room is for the daughter she plans to adopt next. "She thinks having a boy first would be best, so he can look out for his sister", the insider said.

Maybe it is just the way she's been portrayed in the press, but to me Jennifer Aniston always looks sad. Maybe some children in her life would put a smile back on her face.

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