Drunk mom tries to pick up kid

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A Reno, Nevada woman showed up at her daughter's preschool "grossly intoxicated" and demanded her daughter. When school officials refused to release the girl to the woman, she went on a rampage, smashing a window with a brick and assaulting the school staff. The police were called and the woman was arrested. The child was later released to her father.

Sadly, sometimes our children's caregivers have to face situations like this. I don't know that I'll ever understand why a parent would allow themselves to get wasted when they know they're going to taking care of (let alone picking up) their kid. I mean, I like good beer and wine as much as the next guy, and I see nothing wrong with having one or two, even while watching your kids, but one must avoid becoming impaired.

Of course, the real victim here is the kid who loses her mom in all this. I hope that perhaps a bit of time cooling off -- and sobering up -- will give this mother a chance to realize what's really important.

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