Minnie Driver's baby's father revealed

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The father of Minnie Driver's mystery baby has been revealed! According to Life and Style magazine, The Riches actress has been quietly dating musician Craig Zolezzi for about a year, and he is the father of her child.

Minnie's baby is due in August. She only recently came forward with the news that she was, indeed, pregnant, after much speculation from the Internet. She was mum on the baby's father, however.

She also doesn't know the sex of the baby but feels it is a girl and refers to the baby as such based on her feelings. I rather respect Minnie for making the decision to keep her pregnancy and her private life to herself. And, she's done a pretty good job against the tabloids finding out and leaking such information!

Good luck, and early congratulations to Minnie!

Pic of Minnie rocking out by Phil Guest.


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