Pet trends: how about a hedgehog?

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If you are looking to add a pet to your family and want something a little different, consider the hedgehog. The African pygmy hedgehog is fast becoming the 'it' pet for busy Brits who appreciate their nocturnal habits. These hedgehogs will sleep all day and be wide awake to greet you when you return from work. After a hard day at the office, what could be nicer than cuddling up to a prickly, palm-sized ball of cuteness?

"They are unbelievably pretty little creatures, the way they bumble along, the way they poke their noses into everything," says hedgehog breeder Bonnie Martin.

A baby hedgehog will initially set you back about £300, but they are cheap to feed. They can survive on cat-food and only eat about a third of what the average household cat eats.

Of course, not everyone wants to see African pygmy hedgehogs become common household pets. Animal conservationists are concerned about Britain's native wild hedgehog population, whose numbers are declining. If everyone starts wanting a hedgehog, what will stop them from plucking one from the wild and saving the £300?

If your family is in the market for an unusual addition, check out Hedgehog World. Too cute? Here are some other exotic pets to consider.

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