Teacher claims to be impaired by baldness

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An former art teacher in Scotland with a less-than-full head of hair claims his 'condition' led to taunts and bullying by his students. The kids called him 'baldy' and this, he says, made it impossible for him to do his job. He says his lack of hair is a disability and the harassment a violation of Britain's Disability Discrimination Act.

"My baldness has had a substantial and long term adverse effect on my ability to do my job," James Campbell told a disability panel. "How can I stand in front of a class with confidence to get on with my job when I am getting teased and bullied about baldness, when I think they are laughing at me all the time."

I am not convinced and believe the key phrase here is "I think they are laughing at me all the time."

Campbell also failed to convince the judge, who made some good points in his response. "If baldness was to be regarded as an impairment then perhaps a physical feature such as a big nose, big ears or being smaller than average height might of themselves be regarded as an impairment under the DDA," judge Robert Gall said.

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