Twitter alerted world to student's arrest

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Do you know Twitter?

I didn't, either, really until a few weeks ago. I'd heard rumblings about it, of course -- anecdotal evidence of its totally addictive nature. Twitter is like mini blogging: a way of keeping friends in the loop on what you're doing, at all times if you're so inclined. You can tell your friends that your baby has just vomited, that the vacuum is clogged, and that you might have mouse poop under your kitchen sink. I know, it's unfathomable: who would want to know that crap? But believe me: people do. And they don't know why.

Until I actually signed myself up, I didn't know what the fuss was, But now I'm at least 60% addicted, especially to the most banal, ordinary thoughts of people I know through the blogging world.

I didn't know there might actually be a positive useful use for Twitter until I read a news article yesterday about a University Student's twitter post (called a "tweet") that saved him from jail in Egypt.

23-year-old UC Berkely graduate student James Karl Buck was photographing a noisy left wing anti-government demonstration in Egypt when he was arrested by Egyptian officials and thrown in jail. Buck used his cell phone to tweet one word to his vast network of friends on Twitter: ARRESTED. His friends and family quickly sprung into action, notifying Berkely, the Associated Press, the International Herald Tribune and other media -- who pressured the Egyptian authorities. Buck was subsequently released from jail on Friday and returned home on Sunday.

Even as immersed as I am in the new Internet, I am still continually amazed by the way social media is evolving, shaping our world and crossing boundaries in ways that couldn't even be fathomed ten years ago.

I love to think that my son will be able to tweet me from a world away if he's ever in trouble. And I love to think that even Twitter will seem old school to him by the time he's old enough to be in graduate school: undoubtedly, there will be something even better.


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