Advertisers have their eye on the sky

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Companies now have a way to make their logo soar above the competition literally.

Two special effects inventors have created a material that can maintain its shape and float up to 20,000 feet in the air, making it now possible for company logos appear like clouds high in the sky.

"Flogos" are made by combining proprietary surfactant (soap) based foam formulations and lighter than air gases such as helium. Depending on the weather conditions, a Flogo can last for a few minutes to over an hour and are environmentally safe. The Flogo-making machine (which sounds a lot like a bubble maker) can produce a 24" to 36" Flogo every fifteen seconds.

So far Disney and Universal Studious already have deals with Flogo and Major League baseball franchises, Fortune 500 companies and even a presidential campaign have expressed interesting in having Flogos created. But I can easily see Flogos becoming the next Big Thing for extravagant kid birthday parties.

After all, anyone can have a ponies or a backyard circus, but having the first letter of your name or the age you just turned floating above your city would really be something!


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