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The little glass juicer was shoved way back in the cabinet, where it had sat unused since it was given to me by my mother-in-law last year. My five-year-old pulled it out and asked what it was.

I happened to have a bag of aging oranges in the fridge, so we pulled them out and I taught the girls how to juice them. The took turns shoving the oranges down on the juicer, getting more efficient after every try. It wasn't long before their hands were a delicious, sticky mess. They did the whole bag of oranges and then watched closely while I ran it all through a strainer.

As I sat there sharing the sweet results with my fascinated kids, I thought to myself, "Why in the world don't I do things like this more often?" Sometimes, I think I make life harder than it needs to be, you know? It's so easy to get wrapped up in what needs to be done, that sometimes I forget to just stop and smell the...well...oranges.

None of the other things we did today -- preschool, doctor's appointments, ballet, a bike ride, and cleaning out the garage -- caused my children to sneak out of bed when my husband got home from work, to excitedly tell him about the glass of o.j. they had saved him in the fridge.

Mulling this over tonight, this mother that I want to mother that I am that I seem to have lost track of, I came across Families with Purpose. Their goal is to help families like mine find their footing, get organized, and set their priorities so that there's more time left over for simple family fun.

How do you squeeze special time with your little ones into each day?

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