Tori Spelling won't clean up her potty mouth

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Actress Tori Spelling, who is expecting her second child in June, believes that swearing in front of children is fine as long as it is done correctly. Apparently, it's all about the tone of your voice. Angry and loud F-bombs are bad, sweet little baby-talk F bombs are okay.

"I'm kind of a little girl potty mouth because I say it with such vulnerability. I don't have to censor myself in front of my son, it's not that bad."

I am not following Tori's logic here. I think the main reason most parents don't swear in front of their children is because they don't want them learning and repeating those words. If you say an offensive word in a cute way, isn't the child more likely to repeat it? Or maybe Tori's one of those parents who think cursing kids are cute?

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