Mayor steals from little league

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Sad, but true. A former mayor and his wife (!) have been found guilty of stealing over $20,000 from a local little league. The two were found guilty of stealing money earned from fireworks sales over a period of three years. And, as a result, they're headed for prison.

Former mayor Jim Nehmans and his wife, Kelly Nehmans, have each been sentenced to six months in prison for their misdeeds. The charges? Grand theft by embezzlement and perjury.

Nehmans had served as the president of the Adelanto Little League in Adelanto, California. His wife served on its Board.

You know, I guess this goes without saying, but how could these people steal from KIDS??? Not that stealing from those who are not children is acceptable, but doesn't it seem to be yet another sign of our sour times when people start stealing from kids? And I'm not talking taking candy from a baby--$20,000 is a lot of money!

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